Friday, 24 July 2015

Why Online Price Comparison Sites Are So Important Today?

Growing trend of online shopping has paved way for one more domain - online price comparison websites. But have you ever thought why these sites are gaining so much popularity?

Have you ever faced a situation when you bought something online and found the same product at much lower price on any other online store? I have faced this situation many times. You will find the same product at different prices on varied online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc. The online stores protect you from the loss by providing all the price details of different stores at single platform.

Quick response: Some of the users take help of social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus etc. to compare prices and qualities of the product. They ask their friends for the reviews and wait for the response. But these online price comparison websites with a huge range of products make the task much easier. Here you don't have to wait for your friends to respond to your question.

Reliable information: Experts work on different products; collect data and provide viewers an extensive list of prices. So, the users coming to these sites for price comparison are sure of get the most updated and reliable price list. Moreover, the reviews given on these websites are by the real product users, which can easily rely on. Unlike other stores they don’t misguide users with paid reviews to get buyers.

Time saving: It reduces buyers’ time and efforts wasted on visiting physical stores to collect price details and compare them. Buyers can save their precious time spent on navigation from one store to another to get the best prices with attractive deals.

Rational purchase decision: Comparison of prices before making the final purchase helps buyers make a rational decision. They can opt for the deal providing them maximum value for their money.

Helpful for retailers:

These comparison shopping engines (CSEs) or price comparison website (PCW) are not just helpful for the buyers, but also for the retailers. It helps them gain a new market share by registering on these CSEs and providing the best rates for their products and services.

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