Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Are Mobile Power Banks Better Option Than Additional Battery?

There was a time when people used to purchase an additional battery for their mobile phones. It used to help them during journey.

Have you seen some carrying additional battery today?

I guess no one. With this Smartphone era, people have gone more advanced. Today they have got a better option. Called power bank, it is a moving charger with power facility. So, now when on move, you don't need to look for power sockets here and there to charge your mobile phone.

Is it the only benefit making it so popular?

There are various other reasons making it a much better option than an extra battery. Alike other mobile accessories, power banks have also become one of the necessities you will find with almost every Smartphone user. Check the list below to find, why mobile power banks are better than batteries.
Suitability for multiple devices:

If you own a battery, you can just use it in the specific mobile set. But the power bank can charge a variety of mobile phones. Moreover, these can also charge other digital devices such as tablet, kindle etc.

Easy charging:

You don't need any separate device or tool to charge power banks. Like mobile phones, just attach these with wall charger, computer or other charging devices.


A fully-charged battery will work for a limited time period while a fully charged power bank can charge a mobile thrice. It means, one power bank is equal to around three batteries.

Functionality of the mobile:

To change phone battery, you need to switch it off, which is not at all required with power bank. Just plug it in the phone to start charging.


Original battery of a particular phone model is far more expensive than power bank. Further, there is no guarantee of quality and life of battery. And if you check price list of mobile power banks on price comparison websites you can get amazing deals. Long service life of these devices further makes it a cost effective alternative of batteries.

If you agree with these benefits, I am sure next time you will also buy power bank instead of a battery. If you are confused where to find a right power bank, visit to check all the brands as well as their prices at different stores.

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