Friday, 24 June 2016

Why Samsung Televisions are preferred over other brands?

Nowadys, the technology has dominated our daily lives so much that the electronic gadgets like air conditioners, televisions, laptops which were once considered as a luxury have become a necessity. Televisons have become an important part of home entertainment in day-to-day life. While going for an upgradation of your TV model, the buyers are confused about which brand to choose from and what relevant features are to be considered.
The only trusted and reputed brand name that immediately comes to our mind is Samsung. There are numerous factors like screen size, budget, resolution, contrast ratio, LED or LCD and many more to be considered while buying a TV. The South Korean company Samsung is the biggest-selling TV brand in the world. They are the pioneers in producing latest LED TVs offering affordable 40-inch TV models starting at 25000 INR to premium 55-inch models priced at Rs 75000 onwards like Samsung 55h6400 . Besides high-definition TVs, latest Samsung TV models are capable of 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) picture resolution which provides four times better detailing than that of Full HD ensuring sharper and crispier picture quality. Like televisions, Samsung has also established its foothold in other essential daily usage products like washing machine, personal care products, cameras, reasonable SHYPERLINK ""amsung refrigerator price and considerably economical Samsung washing machine price.
Like Samsung, LG is also an well established brand in India. It predominantly makes LED-backlit LCD TVs and their latest innovation, being the wide range of next-generation OLED televisions. By referring to Lg Television Price List in India , the buyer can select from smaller screen size TV sets best suited for kitchen or bedroom upto bigger screen models ideal for living room or lounge area. They are also well equipped with impressive designs and premium features such as smart TV, 4K and 3D models.

Gone are the days of bulky and heavy television models which are occupying lot of space in your living room. They have now being replaced with sleek and slimmer models which accentuate the decor of the room. They are quite light, easier to handle and can be easily mounted on the wall. They are also equipped with amazing visuals and superb sound quality. Samsung TV models come with magnificent features like face recognition, gesture control, touch pad remote, MHL interface, to name a few. 

Samsung TVs are reasonably priced as compared to other premium brands like Sony, Panasonic, LG etc and their affordable Samsung Television Price List in India  puts them apart from others. They come with upgraded features like Active 3D, gesture control and Wi-Fi to provide better and hi-tech viewing experience to the viewers. Their latest model additions to enhance customer experience includes Curve TV, 4K Ultra HD TV and Smart 3D TV. However, buying a TV depends upon the individual preference and the budget.

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