Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Make Bathing Comfortable in Winters With Immersion Rods

Winter is one of the favorite seasons of many people, but when it comes to bathing in winters, this is what people hate the most. When cold winds already freeze you, taking a shower seems like a punishment in winters. Isn’t it true?

The only lifesavers during this season are heating appliances like room heaters, immersion rods and geysers. Due to high price of water heaters and geysers, people prefer immersion rods heaters in India. This cost-effective solution fills the gap between the chilling season and showers. Find out why these rods make an effective solution for heating water in winters:

Convenient portability: Unlike water heaters, you don’t need to install the immersion rods on walls. Easy portability of the rods make them more preferable over heaters, you can use these anywhere as per your convenience. You just need a bucket full of water and water for some time.

Low energy consumption: If you don’t want to foot huge electricity bills every month, immersion rod heaters are better choice over geysers. You also have choice of gas water heaters available at cheap prices. You can check price lists of heaters online to find the most cost-effective, energy efficient and high-quality water heater.

Multipurpose: Immersion rod is not just limited to heating bathing water. It is equally effective for heating kitchen water to do the dishes.

Safety: Actually both the water geysers and immersion rods are provided with all the safety measures. These come with full guarantee against any type of electric shocks or other hazards. So, when it comes to safety with water heating devices, you can rely on both equally.

Cost effective: If you compare prices of immersion rods with water heaters, these are much more cost effective than the former one. You can save a lot of money further also, as these consume less energy as compare to geysers.

The smart technique to buy the best immersion rods at much lower prices is to look for the deals online. You can also look for the rods offered in Diwali sales to save money and get the best deals.

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