Friday, 28 August 2015

Busting the Confusion for Hair Straightener

Straight, shiny, sleek is the dream of many, but only a few are blessed with naturally straight hairs. The other lot depends on a quick and easy solution- to straighten it!

When the market is full of options to choose from, you probably must be thinking-what do I settle for? Which one will be less harming for my hairs?

The theory behind a great straighter is less heat, more style. The ceramic plates are ‘secret ingredient’ to inject in your hair which will straighten it with protection. A check list must be considered before buying any hair straighter-

  • Material For Hair Straightener

Ceramic or titanium plates-Your hair straighter should be lined with these two plates as they prevent burning and causing damage to hair. They also add shine to your hair as ceramic emits negative ions .Painted plates are the worst as it damages your hair as the paint start disappearing. Though your first preference should be Titanium coating but they are a bit expensive as compared to ceramic.
  • Heat Setting for your Hair Straighter

Too much heat is damaging to most hair types, while straighter with high top setting usually perform well. The best option is to choose a straighter with variable temperature setting that allows the user to set the temperature accordingly. Heat indicating LED should be there to tell your machine is ready to use.
  • Plate width for hair straightener

The ideal size and width of the hair straightener plate depends on the buyer’s hair type and length. Buyers with fine hair can use straighter with slim to medium plates, but those with thick hair should consider wide plates. As a general rule suggests, thicker and longer your hair, the broader plates you need.
  • Should Feature a salon-line swivel cord

Always a long swivel cord avoids tangles and annoying cord bunch ups will make your styling experience more convenient.

The next thing is to determine you budget and ask yourself what you really want out of you purchase. Make you straighter a onetime investment so think before you decide .The straightener chosen should yield lasting results without damaging the hair. Straightening hair with a good quality hair straightener can leave it feeling silky and smooth, and looking healthy and lustrous. Although heat styling tends to damage hair, using the right equipment minimizes the risk of damage. Choosing the right hair straightener can seem tricky, but knowing what exactly to look for makes shopping easy. Keeping these essential points in mind will help you to settle for the best hair straightener.

Good Luck!

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